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If only…

September 28, 2009

gardening pic

But alas, I do NOT have a green thumb. My friends and family know that giving me something green and living…well, it’s a death sentence for the afore mentioned green thing! That doesn’t mean however, that I dislike green and growing things at all. On the contrary…it’s much the same way I feel about dancing and singing…I just KNOW I could do it if someone would teach me!

Well, I stopped in at Garden Supply Co. on Old Apex Rd in Cary this morning. I was hoping to find a couple nice mums to set out on the front steps-which I did, but oh my goodness! That place is AMAZING! I don’t know how big it actually is, maybe a couple acres outside but it feels so cozy and organized. There were tons of experts around to help the other folks who were thinking about actually planting something ; ) But then, I went in to pay and the INSIDE is like another world…they’ve got garden supplies of course, but the place is just brimming with patio and home decore…MORE plants and even more helpful folks. I recommend checking it out whether you have a green thumb or not.  

garden supply