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Well, the sun came out today!

September 28, 2009

Sun and cloudsFunny thing…having lived here in Cary for the last 13 years, I’ve grown accustomed to the beautiful sunny weather we usually have.  This past week had far more cloudy, rainy days than sunshine. BUT, our skies cleared around noon today and I think, made the whole of Wake county smile! I know I put the windows down in the car and took the long way to church…drinking in the warm sun and coolish breeze. It’s starting to feel like autumn!

Up in the north, at least where I’m from (Utica/Rome, NY)  autumn was always bittersweet since it’s such a beautiful time of year only to  be followed very quickly by an insanely long, freezing cold winter. Here, autumn lasts for a couple months…beautiful colors, cooling temps and the great thing is…winter is so meek and mild, I hardly notice it.

Anyway, after a beautiful day driving in the country, eating at an outdoor restaurant and sitting on my deck reading…I got to see my adorable little grand-daughter, Mackenzie (who I’m sure you’ll be hearing about from time to time)! I took her mommy and daddy out for ice cream and we just enjoyed watching her try out her new walking skills at Goodberry’s I had to stop and think…it’s the end of September! I LOVE this place!!!