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Road Trip!!!

October 8, 2009

The Real Estate Grandma is headed west this weekend…along with my daughter Bethany and her daughter, Mackenzie! We’ll be spending a long weekend with Jim’s sister and her husband in Ooltewah, TN. This is about a 7.5-8 hour car ride from Cary over the Appalachian and Smoky mountains. I’m hoping for decent weather because the driving can be tricky if its foggy or rainy. AND, if the weather is clear…the scenery should be spectacular!aumtum mountains I’m really looking forward to relaxing and getting a change of scene after a few stressful months getting my parents settled into their new home, finishing up my real estate licensing class, taking/passing the  state licensing exam and then getting knocked down by a crazy intestinal infection.

Since it is Columbus Day weekend, you may have a little extra time to wander around too…check out this website for weekly fall color reports and other interesting things to do while spending time outdoors in North Carolina.


I’ll just have a sandwich…

October 7, 2009

So, are you like me? Are you a member of the sandwich generation…responsible for your children and taking on an ever increasing role in your aging parents’ lives? Even if you haven’t found yourself in this position yet, I promise that if you have parents, you will one day face some difficult decisions related to either their health care, their living situation or their quality of life.

As I was driving around Cary and Wake county today, I was noticing how many truly top-notch retirement communities, senior centers and assisted living facilities we have here. I know first-hand about a large number of them since I have just finished the long, sometimes painful process of placing both of my parents in an assisted living facility. Since this area is particularly known for it’s wonderful climate, exceptional health care, stable economy and great real estate market…it has enjoyed the unique phenomenon of parents (grandparents) following their grown children and their families here. This is, of course a wonderful situation for the families who can enjoy the multi-generational bonds that are so rare these days. However, as the parents age…their ability to live on their own diminishes, leaving their children in the difficult ‘sandwich’ situation. The good news is that Wake County has done an exceptional job of providing access to resources and information which can help families navigate these difficult waters.

Resources for Seniors is an exceptionally useful website with a staggering amount of information to guide and direct you and answer any questions you may have! I couldn’t have even started my search without it…I hope you’ll find it useful too!resources for seniors

Everyone LOVES a Parade!

October 5, 2009

Well, it’s that time of year…high school football on Friday nights, brisk mornings followed by warm sunny days AND the Wake County Parade of Homes! Really, life is good!

As we all know, the economy has been a bit of a drag for quite a while. And the real estate market has been sluggish, at best in many parts of the country. Here in Wake county, we haven’t seen the dramatic shifts in our market but inventory is up. Especially in the $350,000+ price ranges. I’m guessing that’s why, when I picked up the parade ‘book’ it was more the size of a magazine instead of a medium sized phone book (you remember those, don’t you?).

No matter. The homes are still stunning and full of wonderful features! Going on the parade is such an enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I love to listen to the folks as we are wandering around a home that probably fewer than 5% of us could actually afford to live in, pick apart the design details…the choice of colors, countertop surfaces or flooring styles. But what about the actual design? I’m going to post links to 2 of the homes that we saw and just point out my very favorite rooms in each. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that if someone would build me a house with just these two rooms, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub…I’d have all I ever needed to be content! ; )

First, THE KITCHEN! Entry #106 in Greyhawk Landing, Cary…3005 Greyhawk PlaceGreyhawk Kitchen

Suffice it to say…this is a TRUE gourmet kitchen. It has all the amazing details you would see in a restaurant kitchen like a pot spigot on the tiled backsplash over the 6 burner range (which is dual fuel-gas range with electric oven). Two islands (one with a prep sink), another electric oven with warming tray, furniture quality cabinetry, slide out spice racks and on and on and on! Yep, this is a kitchen you can COOK and BAKE in! Funny thing is, my daughter mentioned how crazy it is because it seems that the chances of the person buying this home being a cook…well, they seem pretty remote!

And, second…the BACK PORCH (or Loggia). Entry #107….2007 Greyhawk Place, Cary

Greyhawk Loggia

The picture just doesn’t do justice to this space…it’s enormous, with 3 separate seating areas. The main area, which is pictured here has a built-in fireplace and ceiling fans. Music from the centralized sound system mingles with the sound of gently falling water from small pond just beyond the loggia. An outdoor kitchen with grill and counter space complete this outdoor oasis! Ummm, yeah I can see myself snuggled in front of the fire with a book and a glass of red wine…thank you very much!


So, yes, I recommend you get out there and enjoy the Wake County Parade of Homes!!! You still have 2 more weekends to go…October 9-11 and 16-18. It runs noon to 5pm each day. Enjoy!

Also, there is another parade called the ‘Remodeler’s Home Tour’ which takes place on October 24-25.  BE AWARE, THERE IS A $5 COST PER PERSON FOR THIS ONE. I think we’ll probably check this one out as well since we live in an older home that could definitely use a facelift, here and there.

Well, the sun came out today!

September 28, 2009

Sun and cloudsFunny thing…having lived here in Cary for the last 13 years, I’ve grown accustomed to the beautiful sunny weather we usually have.  This past week had far more cloudy, rainy days than sunshine. BUT, our skies cleared around noon today and I think, made the whole of Wake county smile! I know I put the windows down in the car and took the long way to church…drinking in the warm sun and coolish breeze. It’s starting to feel like autumn!

Up in the north, at least where I’m from (Utica/Rome, NY)  autumn was always bittersweet since it’s such a beautiful time of year only to  be followed very quickly by an insanely long, freezing cold winter. Here, autumn lasts for a couple months…beautiful colors, cooling temps and the great thing is…winter is so meek and mild, I hardly notice it.

Anyway, after a beautiful day driving in the country, eating at an outdoor restaurant and sitting on my deck reading…I got to see my adorable little grand-daughter, Mackenzie (who I’m sure you’ll be hearing about from time to time)! I took her mommy and daddy out for ice cream and we just enjoyed watching her try out her new walking skills at Goodberry’s I had to stop and think…it’s the end of September! I LOVE this place!!!