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Tennis Anyone?

September 29, 2009

Wow, the weather this morning is astounding! Tennis Racket and Ball on Court

Autumn is definitely in the air…which means the absolute BEST time for tennis. I can hear the courts calling to me as I type this. In particular, the courts at the Cary Tennis Park on Louis Stephens Rd. I remember the first time I saw the complex there several years ago…I was blown away that this was a PUBLIC facility! 30 pristine lighted courts, including a stadium court, a full service building with pros, equipment and showers. Somehow, all this has a tendency to elevate my game whenever I play there…I still usually lose to my son but it doesn’t feel so bad as you’re walking off these courts! As if this isn’t enough, Cary has 25 OTHER courts at 4 different parks. I’ve played on all of them and they are top notch as well, just not as new or set up so specifically for organized play. The one closest to my home, on Walnut St at R.S. Dunham Park has 5 lighted courts, 3 of which are individually fenced in-fantastic when you’re playing with a new player that has a hard time keeping it on your court! ; )

I can’t wait to get out there and whack the ball around! How about you?