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Aeorobic Yoga?

October 4, 2009

Good grief! I’ve been out of commission for the last couple weeks…having been laid low with an acute intestinal infection. So, I haven’t been to the gym in more than 2 weeks. Thinking I would ease back into the workout routine slowly, I made my way to the Saturday morning ‘Fitness Yoga’ class at Lifetime Fitness in Cary. I should have realized I was in trouble when, during the warm up session, I couldn’t even touch my toes. What on earth? Hmmm… Well, it only got worse from there. The balance poses were a real challenge, making my legs tremble with effort but at least I made it through that section of the workout. On to the ‘strength’ portion. She had us in chair position and warrior 1 for so long that my quads were screaming and I was SWEATING! That’s not supposed to happen in Yoga class, is it? yoga classThen, we started in on this progression that wasn’t as difficult as it was ‘busy’…so many different positions and transitions that it totally kicked my butt and I had to sit out the last two repetitions. Unfortuantely, uncharacteristically, I was in the very front row so, it was also a little humiliating to have to stop like that…after-all, I’m in good shape, or so I thought. But I simply couldn’t go on without a rest. Yikes.

The kicker was that when the hour was over, I didn’t even feel particularly good, as I usually do after a yoga session. I only felt spent and tired. Wow! How could I have gotten so weak and out of shape that quickly? I don’t know the answer, but I do know I’ve got to get back to work at the gym!