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The Ultimate in Re-cycling

September 30, 2009

Indian Sari Dresses

As most of my friends and family know, I’m just not a shopper. ‘Things’ don’t mean much to me at all. I’m not about collecting or acquiring stuff…not clothing, not decorating items, not ‘toys’ (unless it’s for my grand-daughter) and certainly not knick knacks. I do have a weakness for books and cooking gadgets but even there, I’m kind of reluctant to buy ‘new’ things because I’m also cheap. BUT, you know, every once in a while a person has to buy a few pieces of furniture or something different to hang in the closet. There’s a place we have here in Cary where I’ve been doing business for several years, it’s called Consigning Design . Now, I’m sure you have consignment stores where you live and I know there are others around here but I LOVE this place! Our dining room set, our coffee table (which is one of the very few ‘things’ I own that I might try to drag out of my house if it was on fire) and our sectional sofa all came from this store. They also sell clothing, art and now, upholstery fabric (in the event you find a FABULOUS sofa that’s covered in purple and green paisley). furnitureSo, yesterday, I had an hour to kill and decided to see what’s new there…which is another fun feature of consignment shopping…the ever changing inventory. Always something new and sometimes something’s gone that should have come home with me last time I was there (happens to me ALL the time) and I vow to not let that happen again. I was looking for a couple business-type outfits since I’ve got this new career ; )  Anyway, there’s a little ’boutique’ section that has famous labels and ridiculous prices. Most of the stuff is so gently worn that I have to wonder if it was EVER worn. So, I found the perfect pant suit with the tags still on it. 100% silk in the boutique section for $48. The pants fit me like they were custom made! Now that’s not something that happens everyday to this old woman and NEVER does it happen with a pair of pants that are a bargain! SOLD! On my way to go pay, I found a perfect little caned seat stool for a friend of mine who just set up her own apartment…she mentioned needing a stool so that she could use her drawing table. $30…SOLD!

Here’s the thing for me…why not try a place like this first? It’s cheaper, it’s fun and it helps keep the landfills from filling up just a little bit. That’s what I call a win-win!